Clover® Mini

Accept all kinds of payments right away: chip cards, Apple Pay and magnetic stripe cards.
As your business grows: a complete range of downloadable apps meet your evolving business needs.
Save money, work efficiently: it's built to simplify every aspect of the way you do business.

Easy and intuitive: plug and play to reap the benefits right out of the box.

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Clover Station

Clover® Station

Automatically track inventory and build records for every transaction.
Safeguard customer card data and protect your business with TransArmor®.
Customize your Clover
to meet your specific business needs with apps from Clover’s dedicated app market.
Access your business information from anywhere at any time on your smartphone, computer or tablet with Clover’s Web dashboard.
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Clover Station

Clover® Go

Sync with other Clover devices. Create orders, process transactions, manage employees, or update inventory—it all seamlessly syncs with the Clover web dashboard.
Top-notch security. Protect your data from end to end—yours as well as your customers’—with the latest in encryption and tokenization technologies.
Bird’s eye view of transactions. See your entire transaction history, including all open, pending, and completed transactions.
Take payments on the go. Accept all types of payments anywhere you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection: contactless, chip, and swipe, including Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, and Google Pay®.
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Clover Station

Clover® Flex

Stock-smart. Categories, labels, modifiers and variants help you keep your inventory up-to-date and organized
Sales-ready. Start taking orders out of the box, with minimal set-up and training.
In the cloud. Your business travels with you everywhere. All your data, all your info, always at your fingertips
Track your numbers. Log in any time, anywhere to see your sales, best-sellers, and everything else from any computer or mobile device.
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Barcode Scanner
Cash Drawer
Kitchen Printer
Brother Printer
Weight Scale


The Clover POS System can be customized with various accessories to further its benefits.
Kitchen printers, weight scales, and handheld scanners make the Clover system a versatile asset.
With accessories, the Clover system can become everything your business needs, and more!
A wide variety of Clover POS System accessories are available though CHECKredi.
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