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At CHECKredi our mission is to provide businesses of all sizes with options in electronic payment processing.

From credit card processing services to check collections for schools and remote deposit capture, organizations—big and small—are sure to find the secure payment solutions that fit custom needs.

Our aim is every organization's goal: to achieve safe, convenient, and efficient payment processing platforms that appeal to both the consumer using the service and the business owner handling the operational responsibilities. With capabilities that run the gamut in check and credit card payment processing, CHECKredi is the source for reliable and cost-effective electronic payment solutions. Read on to learn how the CHECKredi approach can make a difference in your business’s bottom line.



Traditional Check Collections

With CHECKredi's traditional check collection services on your side, you can focus on critical areas of your business, instead of worrying about collecting bad and bounced checks, dealing with NSF and returned checks, or managing check recovery systems.



Electronic Check Collections

Checks are paid promptly, and reimbursed at 100% of face value—CHECKredi does not keep a percentage. CHECKredi's electronic check collection puts your money in the bank in 48 hours or less.



Check Verification

CHECKredi realizes how just one bad or bounced check can have a serious negative impact on your bottom line, and create headaches of all shapes and sizes. That's why our check processing services are designed to be flexible and modular.



School Program

With CHECKredi, online reporting tools and services are customized to meet your school district's unique needs, and returned check consolidation and reconciliation is guaranteed to be streamlined and efficient.


We're POSitive CHECKredi has your best clover price


Choose a Clover System that's right for you.


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*Maximum limit of one (1) free Clover Mini, one (1) free Clover Go, or one (1) other Clover point-of-sale device at 60% off. Purchaser must open a new merchant account through us to use with the Clover device they select. Monthly Minimum required on merchant account. Ask your sales representative for further details. Offer applicable to new customers only.

Learn About Clover POS Solutions

Replace your cash register, payment terminal, reciept printer, and barcode scanner with an integrated suite of products.

Equipment for Check Processing and Verification

Choose CHECKredi for services in electronic payment processing and secure not only the best credit card rates, remote deposit capture services, and check payment processing, but also reliable point-of-sale (POS) hardware, software, and equipment made for a broad range of applications.

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