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The Clover® POS System is a next generation control system that radically simplifies your business.

CHECKredi’s Electronic Check Collection Puts Your Money Directly in Your Bank

Collecting returned checks can be any business or organization’s worst nightmare. Whether you’re dealing with check collections for schools, general bounced check recovery, or check fraud and NSF check collection, it can cause serious headaches while having a significant impact on your bottom line, both in dollars lost and wasted time for those who handle your payment processing.

That’s where CHECKredi’s electronic check collection service comes in. At CHECKredi, our secure check solutions have been helping our customers for years, and with CHECKredi electronic check collection, you will never worry about check collection ever again. That’s because CHECKredi puts your money directly in your bank. This not only has a significant impact on your bottom line, but, perhaps more importantly, allows you to focus on other areas of your business instead of taking time on bounced check recovery systems and collection on returned checks.

Get the Best Benefits of CHECKredi for Collecting On Returned Checks

With superior customer service and an overall ease of use, CHECKredi’s electronic check collection service offers all the features that you need to deal with returned checks. With an easy-to-use report accompanying every check, and available Internet reporting using CHECKredi’s secure web server, you will always stay up to date with the status of all returned checks. CHECKredi’s electronic check collection service decreases headaches and hassle, while improving your bottom line. From online check verification, check collection, Internet check payment processing, and returned check consolidation, CHECKredi’s check services allow for the most effective and efficient check processing for your business.

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Comprehensive and Secure Payment Solutions from CHECKredi

CHECKredi’s electronic check collection service is just one of the many examples of payment processing solutions that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your business or organization. In addition to a wide variety of check services like check imaging, ACH and EFT payment gateways, remote deposit capture, and the ability to take mail order checks and personal checks online, CHECKredi also provides numerous credit card processing solutions. From electronic payment processing, point-of-sale (POS) credit card equipment, and Internet payment processing, to electronic billing, recurring billing, and bad check recovery, CHECKredi is your one-stop source for all kinds of secure payment solutions. CHECKredi understands that all businesses are different, so Request Information today and let us create the perfect solution for your payment processing needs.

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CHECKredi Offers Traditional Check Collection Services and Optional Verification

With CHECKredi’s traditional check collection services on your side, you can focus on critical areas of your business, instead of worrying about collecting returned checks, dealing with NSF and returned checks, or managing check recovery systems. With CHECKredi’s traditional check collection services, all collected checks are paid promptly, and reimbursed at 100% of face value—CHECKredi does not keep a percentage.